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1It could be a mistake on Kelly’s part if he comes looking to slug with Avanesyan right off the bat because that’s when he’s at his most dangerous. In Avanesyan’s last two fights against Jose del Rios and Kerman Lejarraga, he’s knocked them both out in the first round.That wasn’t by accident that Avanesyan stopped them. He started quickly in both fights and targeted the body of those two solid fighters, causing them to fold.

Kelly’s ability to take body shots may prove to be no better than Lejarrage and de Rios. That’s why it would have been better for Kelly to have come in leaner for this so that he could stay in motion for 12 rounds to avoid being a stationary target for Avanesyan’s body shots.

“Josh Kelly is going to be so sharp, so switched on. Both guys want to win so bad; both teams want to win so bad,” said Hearn.

“As you know being around them, they’re so confident, both teams. They don’t believe in anything else other than a victory for their man.

“So it’s going to be a cracker. I think you think so going by last performances and on paper, but Josh is in great shape, and I do think he’s going to be really sharp early in this fight,” said Hearn when asked if Avanesyan will be strong early.

“I think they [Team Kelly] believe they’re going to take Avanesyan out early in this fight. It’s going to be a tough job to do it, but he will be super sharp early in this fight,” said Hearn.

If Kelly will score a stoppage victory on Saturday, he stands a better chance of doing it early rather than late. If Kelly waits too long, he may wind up getting knocked out himself by Avaneysan.

Also, Kelly has stronger early in his recent fights against Wiston Campos, Ray Robinson, and Przemyslaw Runowski. In the second half of those fights, Kelly gassed out and got sloppy.

Campos and Robinson did a lot of damage to Kelly’s face, making him look like he came out of a ‘Rocky’ movie.

He took a truckload of punishment in both of those fights, making it clear that he’s not an elite-level fighter at this time.

Avanesyan not worried about the judges

“Carl tells me I need to pressure, I pressure. Carl tells me I need to change, I change,” said Avanesyan. “I give everything to win this fight.



“Many fans message me and say, ‘David, please stop him. Bad decision.’ Boxing is difficult.

“One punch, and everything changes. No,” said Avanesyan when asked if he’s worried about the judges.

“I’m not thinking about the judges. I only think about winning the fight,” said Avanesysan.

If Avanesyan loses by a controversial decision the way that Kiko Martinez did against Zelfa Barrera last Saturday night, he may change his opinion about the judges not being a problem.

It would be better for Avanesyan to be thinking knockout all the way if he wants to avoid getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the scoring of the fight.

Some boxing fans argue that the UK has become like Germany when it came to visiting fighters finding it difficult to win decisions. Fortunately for Avanesyan, he’s got the punching power to take the judges out of play on Saturday night.

As long the referee doesn’t run interference for Kelly by getting in the way of action, Avanesyan should be able to work to try and score a knockout.

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